About Us

The City of Nanticoke Housing Authority consists of 419 apartment units in three tower sites: Park Towers, Nanticoke Towers and Oplinger Towers and two family housing units Apollo Circle and Nanticoke Terrace. Park Towers consists of 76 apartment units, Nanticoke Towers has 50, Oplinger Towers has 144, while Apollo Circle and Nanticoke Terrace have 75 and 74 respectively. The City of Nanticoke Housing Authority manages a Section 8 program consisting of 51 vouchers. The City of Nanticoke Housing Authority also manages the New Horizons Corporation which consists of six housing units.

NHA Board of Commissioners

Josephine Bashista–Chairperson

Dorothy Hudak–Commissioner

Ken James–Commissioner

Anthony Prushinski–Commissioner

NHA Staff

Ryan Verazin–Executive Director

Pete Ball–Director of Capital Improvements

Jackie Smolinski–Amp 1 Property Manager (High- Rise Units)

Bruce Morgans–Amp 2 Property Manager (Family Housing Units)

Lynn Kivler–Asst. Property Manager Amp 2

Christy Emelett–Section 8 Coordinator

Christy Kuniega–Management Aide (Housing)

Linda Howell – Resident/Fiscal Aide

Jeff Grzymski–Maintenance Mechanic

John Ruchinski–Maintenance Mechanic

David Jezewski–Maintenance Mechanic

Ted Katra–Maintenance Mechanic

Jay Wurtz–Maintenance Mechanic

Henry Grabski–Maintenance Mechanic

Ken Gill–Maintenance Mechanic

Thomas Blower–Custodian

David Whittaker – Custodian

Dan Williams–Custodian

The NHA also employs interns throughout the Summer months to help with maintenance/office work.